There is nothing in human or nature that does not ask questions

What is band&roll?

band&roll is a brand of two. We are Roman and Alona. Both - enthusiasts, creative minds and a family. Living and making finest leather goods in Berlin, Germany. In our dream, there are no faceless products assembled in huge factories by workers who have to do their job to survive. To make this happen, we have united to hone our skills to perfection; to make goods to last lifetime; to source only the best sustainable materials from small European artisans; to make this world a little better.

We want to show you that it is still possible to support a community, where people barter their skills without exploiting others for their work. Regardless of political view, religious models and sexual preference. Ours is a life of traditional craftsmanship - and this is the world we value.

What does band&roll mean?

It is a combination of two words: "Band" & "Roll", where band means gang, group, collective or community and roll means rotate, thunder, rumble, ride. In fine, we are a group of artisans who portrays an intimate truth of all humankind: an honest love for the work with own hands.

Are you a real family?

Yes. We are husband and wife, raising a baby boy and having a cute furry business assistant named Mika.

Where do you source your materials?

The wool felt comes from a German organic farm. The leather originates from a family-run tannery in Florence, and the metal hardware is manufactured in a small village near Milan.

For the upcoming textile goods, we plan to cooperate with artisans of natural wool blends (alpaca, merino), eco-friendly cotton and linen.

What do I get?

A timeless accessory of subtle quality, which is meant to be a good friend and to last lifetime.

What do I not get?

A cheap seasonal product.

My device, size, etc... isn't listed. What should I do?

Ask for it. We are able to adjust most of our work to your needs.

Where is my package?

Orders ship from Germany. Berlin residents & visitors can pick their goods and meet us while saving on delivery cost. If your order exceeds 100€, it will be shipped worldwide for free. Once it has shipped, you will receive an email confirmation of your shipping details and the tracking number.

For any concerns about your package contact us so that we can personally ensure it gets to you.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you can return your goods for any reason within 14 days from the date you receive the package.

For detailed information click, here.

How do I know your goods are authentic?

As founders of band&roll, we unconditionally ensure that each product offered on this website is 100% genuinely handcrafted by us in Berlin, Germany.

Please note that we are unable to assure the authenticity of our goods offered on websites not mentioned in our stockist's list.

How do I care for my goods?

Value them, and they will serve you for many years.

For detailed information click, here.

Not sure what color to choose?

We can send you material color samples so that you can see and feel them in real. Ask for them.

My phone is not listed. What is next?

Let us create a custom order for you! Just email us with a direct link to your phone, and we will answer within a few hours.