Our Story

bandandroll team


Designers. Creative minds. Family.

In band&roll three of our passions have merged - love for each other, interest in design, and eternal desire to work with own hands.

Thanks to the casual encounter, we found each other, became a family, created a job we relish, and which we want to do our whole life. We put our love, strength, and dreams in it. All of this has inspired us to create that first pouch rough edge, from which the story of band&roll began.

Long way of seeking

Creating the first case for ourselves, we took the process seriously. It was hard to find honest family-run artisans of full grain leather, and natural wool felt and even tougher to master the skill of leather craft. Not once we had to remake the case to understand the secret of an ideally round shape and incredibly comfortable fit.

The result surpassed all our expectations. This process seized us so much; we simply could not stop.