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Biodegradable poop bags "TSP"

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The biodegradable dog poop bags from our friends The Sustainable People are perhaps the world's most environmentally friendly poop bags made of bioplastic resin. 

They are 100% compostable according to EN13432 and the OK compost HOME standard. 

Fully biodegradable at ambient temperatures (tested at 20 - 30 °C | 68 - 86 °F). 

Do not pollute oceans and leave no microplastics. 

Are extra strong, moisture resistant, and easy to use hygienic disposal of your pup's poop.

Best worn with our poop bag holder "Noi". 

No plasticizers. No polyethylene. No GMO.

Mika human's ecological solution to sustainable disposal of dog poop :)



  • Single Box contains 8 rolls | 120 bags
  • Each bag is 23 x 33 cm | 9.06 x 12.99 inches
If your dog does his/her business twice a day, 1 full package is enough for 2 months. 

More information can be found on the official website of The Sustainable People:

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