Our Philosophy

Working hands

Miracles happen every day.

In a busy world full of faceless products, most of which are manufactured in large factories where a single product is assembled by several workers performing specified instructions… band&roll is the world in which two enthusiasts and nerds unite to hone their skills to perfection; products are crafted to last lifetime, and sustainable materials are sourced from small European family-run businesses with processing techniques inherited for generations. It is the world where people barter their skills without exploiting others for their work. Ours is the life of traditional craftsmanship - and this is the world we value.

Too many people today know the price of everything but not the value.

Since each step of product development goes through our hands, we can offer a fair price for the quality of comparable premium and even luxury brands. All band&roll goods make an excellent gift and save your hard-earned cash. That way, you can spend more time enjoying your journey, rather than stressing about it.

Buy less but better, for a good cause.

We want you to be aware that with every product you buy from us, you shoulder a family-run business, create better living conditions for our furry friends around the globe and give us the chance to survive. Your help makes our hearts beat and fills them with happiness and inspiration.