° Moro Carrot Biscuits for a healthy stomach °

 Unfortunately you don't have a "Melo" bowl yet and your dog drank from a puddle, ate something bad outside or caught a virus. The stomach growls.

 Many of you are probably familiar with the Moroz carrot soup. A soup that consists only of carrots and a little salt. The carrots are boiled in water for 90 minutes. Long cooking can produce oligosaccharides. These coat the intestinal wall and protect it. Bacteria can no longer dock on the intestinal wall.

But if your little friend doesn't just want to eat soup, you can bake our morozy carrot biscuits for him. They are made on the same principle. You have to cook and puree the carrots for a long time. Then add the same amount of buckwheat flour as carrots. Mix the two together well and spread them on a baking sheet. Either after 10 minutes of baking you can cut out shapes with a biscuit cutter and then bake the biscuits for another 5 minutes or you let it bake for 15 minutes and break it into small pieces.